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To work, live and discover.

Work and holiday – two words
that used to be contradictory

Work used to be something that limited you from doing the things you wanted (travel, experience, socialise), rather than something that enabled you to do those things. But times have changed! Working in a different environment, a foreign culture, among inspiring people can be a tremendous creativity and productivity booster. We all have spaces where we feel most alive - whether it's a certain city, a farm or an island. All necessities are available on demand.

We curate the most attractive long-stay deals for you with hotels and houses around the world. Luxury remote work for digital nomads!

DIVE IN, LET GO AND START a worldly life.

the concept

We carefully select and curate unique locations for you. We partner with exclusive hotels and apartments for long-term stays (1+ months). They give you access to an inspiring environment with equally stimulating surroundings where you can work, live and discover. As a Worldly member, you get access to those favorable long-term deals.

Feel home everywhere with all the services and amenities you need to be productive, combined with a community to connect.

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Our promise


  • Access to the best long-stay deals at unique locations around the world
  • Inspiring surroundings and activities
  • Pet friendly! 😉
  • The perfect remote working infrastructure with all amenities you need
    • Fast and stable Wifi connection
    • Comfortable workspace in- and outside the room
    • Access to local IT services including IT infrastructure (screen etc.)
  • Access to like-minded people: the Worldly community.
  • Safe & easy -from booking to payment

The community

Worldly is a community of conscious travelers that appreciate the opportunities of the 21st century. We love to discover new places and get fresh inputs from exchanges with new, inspiring and ambitious people. The community is key to prosper, grow and jointly tackle the myriad challenges the world is facing. We give priority to cultural fit, personality and passion over skills, experience and degrees.

Worldly connects you with like-minded individuals at our partner locations and at inspiring events throughout the year.

The community
About us

About Us

We are a diverse team of conscious travelers that discovered the need for “Worldly” when we were looking for someone who is curating the most fascinating locations around the world, suited for remote work that gives us access to a unique community at the same time. We love to experiment around new lifestyles; on our own, as a couple or with our young family.

Worldly’s business is built by entrepreneurial individuals from tech, hospitality and travel. The guest will always come first and for them we hustle. By designing a single community where all members can each contribute to the success of Worldly, we engage each and every individual. Together we experience a journey towards our mission of changing the way people feel about work, life and travel.

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